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Mentor Scheme

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Mentor Scheme

It is time to improve the working lives of chefs and the employees in the industry.


We believe wellbeing and personal skills are critical to retain, attract and develop brigade talent for the future. 

If we want an internationally recognized top quality industry we need to invest in the people that are its  future.

At the Chef Partnership we are lucky to count chefs and industry specialists amongst our developers, supporters, and advocates. 


Mentors are key to this aspiration, and for the betterment of well-being for chefs everywhere. 


Free for our Restaurateur members:

Attend one of our 2 half day online ‘how to be a chef mentor’ sessions.


  • For bespoke in-house sessions we offer reduced rate at £500 for our members. 

  • For non-members the 2-day course costs £2250


As a ‘Chef club” member you can also become a chef mentor

For Chef Club members its £95 for Part 1, half day course and £150 for Part II Half Day course.

Why not get your employer to sponsor you as a chef mentor?


It’s great to support others and mentoring can contribute to retention of great employees for your employer and helps you support your colleagues in the industry.


It is also good for your own development as a chef, a team member and as leader. 

We do offer in house sessions. 



Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you streamline your brigade

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Tel: + 44 (0)7881851566

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