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Join Our Chef Club

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Chefs Club 

The world is changing; High-quality chefs are hard to find and many are leaving the industry. Chefs are expecting more from their employers.


We want to support your personal development. Beyond cooking skills, we want to help develop our chefs into better team leaders, mentors, and business contributors. 

We place chefs, their wellbeing, and people skills at the center of the eating experience. We don’t teach cooking, but we do help make you better chefs and run successful brigades. 

Join our chef club 

For £12.99 per month you get assess to:

Train as a Chef Buddy - Mentoring skills & Accreditation

Our’ Chef in Distress’ support helpline

People skills development webinars and surgeries

Ask us at ‘The chef partnership’ a question

Our chef recommendation scheme.

A chance to be part of a chef community with a focus on people in the industry and their wellbeing and personal people development skills

The Chef's Partnership_icon-blue.jpg

Chef Cooking School - LOOE Cornwall 

Be your best chef 

Access to The Chef Partnership Cookery School is exclusively run for chefs by chefs in beautiful Looe in Cornwall. 

An environment for your chefs to train and be trained, developing their own chef leadership and training skills to benefit both themselves, their career and you and your kitchen.

We run classes throughout the year - check the Cooking School page for opportunities 

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