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Looking to skill up?

We think personal development is crucial for professional satisfaction and career development. This Is not about cooking skills, but about developing chefs as employees, team leaders and business contributors. Our solution places chefs, their well-being and people skills at the centre of the eating experience. We don’t teach cooking, but we do help you make better chefs and successful kitchens.

The Chef Partnership Development Courses

The Chef Partnership Development Courses


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Our Courses


As part of your restauranteur partnership membership we welcome members of your chef brigade who have the potential to mentor others in the industry.

The Chef Partnership - level 1 and 2 mentoring skills workshops

  • The difference between mentoring and coaching

  • What your mentee needs from you and what you can offer in return

  • How to create a professional mentoring relationship

  • How to develop your own mentoring style

  • How to create a realistic agenda and objectives for the mentor/mentee relationship

  • How to get the best for your mentee and yourself

  • How to share knowledge effectively

  • The best way to help to develop the careers of other chefs for the benefit of both the employer and the chef.

  • When to ask for help or when to suggest alternative resources for your mentee

  • What mentoring is not

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