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Food Together

Cookery School

 Cookery Classes & Teambuilding Sessions


Welcome to the culinary adventure of a lifetime! From team building to taco tasting - Step into the sizzling world of flavours, techniques, and creativity as we invite you to our Cookery School in a restored organic garden at the Hope Farm Community Garden.

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Cookery Classes

Welcome to the heart of culinary creativity and community connection!

Our Community Cookery School is where the magic of food meets the warmth of shared experiences.


Whether you're a novice or a seasoned home cook, our vibrant kitchen welcomes all. Our ethos is very much about personal wellbeing, and with our lovely team we will take you on a flavourful journey, discovering the secrets of local and international cuisine, all while forging lasting friendships with fellow food enthusiasts.


Join us in this culinary adventure, where laughter, learning, and delicious dishes abound. Unleash your inner chef, savour the joy of culinary exploration, and become a vital part of our culinary community.


Let's stir up some delicious memories together!

Friends Eating Dinner
Gourmet Meal
Outside Dinner

Corporate Team

Our team experiences help businesses develop their teams by harnessing the power of the team dynamic essential in a busy kitchen, to create a great food experiences and develop relationships.


Sessions take place in a rejuvenated walled garden which has been subject of painstaking restoration to recreate the original look and feel of its Edwardian walled garden roots.


We use the garden produce & setting as the basis of our team cooking experiences where you can learn more  about team collaboration, accountability, working together under pressure tests skills of delegation, an illustrates for example the need to accept the responsibility for personal performance.  

We work with you to see what development you need to offer your teams and your business and design the development sessions with you and your chefs in mind. We offer sessions for 10 chefs at a time.  

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