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The Chef

Rupert eagerly embraces the opportunity to embark on a culinary adventure at a cookery school nestled in the great outdoors. From cooking outside under the vast expanse of the open sky to preparing farm-fresh ingredients, he is thrilled to merge his passion for gastronomy with an immersive, nature-filled experience.

More about our Chef -  Rupert

Rupert is an internationally experienced chef with Michelin star experience and having managed multinational teams in several countries.


During this time, Rupert has designed, managed, and worked in kitchens from small Michelin starred restaurants to large scale multi-site catering operations. As well as leading kitchen teams,  Rupert also advises on menus, kitchen layout and effective kitchen team working.


Rupert revels in creating things from scratch and putting new and innovative twists that inspire others and challenge his cooking and leadership skills. Rupert is passionate about how cooking can bring people together, build teams and create friendships. Cooking is more than food; it is an experience that brings us together.

The Training Lead

Having had a successful career in the corporate sector Caroline sees this cookery school as an opportunity to use 20 years of skills and knowledge to make a difference to the way we work and how we enjoy our lives.  

A passionate foody the combination of state of the art training methods & learning through cooking brings Caroline's two passions together.  

Some of Caroline's work developing chefs & training in hospitlaity industry


More about our Training Lead - Caroline 

Caroline is an internationally experienced HR professional with over 20 years working at senior level in global corporate businesses. She has a passionate interest in people, their development and wellbeing. 


The COVID pandemic brought home to her the challenges faced by the Hospitality industry, and over the past few years she has worked to raise the standards of team work, leadership and welfare in that business sector. As a result she has seen the positive impact that food can have on wellbeing and work. 


Caroline says 'The TCP cookery school at The Hands of Hope is a unique opportunity for businesses to build team skills for those at work by  using the kitchen as both a fun experience and a fast track team learning experience in our corporate cooking school. The school also supports the local community by offering a  unique sets of social cooking classes to develop friendships, cook healthy and improve our wellbeing through food and sharing experiences.'


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