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Inspiring loyalty and commitment in your team: Interview with David Steel, Director of Food

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

David Steel is the Director of Food at Houston & Hawkes and has a reputation for being a transformational mentor and bringing out the best in his chefs. We sat down with David to chat about his journey as a chef, his perspective on the industry, top tips on being a leader and what being a “role model” and mentoring means to him.

“Some of the Best chefs I've ever worked for have not been the best cooks”

At The Chef Partnership we believe wellbeing and personal skills are critical to retain, attract and develop brigade talent for the future. ​ If we want an internationally recognized top quality industry we need to invest in the people that are its future.

Mentors are key to this aspiration, and for the betterment of well-being for chefs everywhere. We found the interview both inspiring and insightful, we hope you do too!

You can find more information on the impact of the industry in our White Paper - "Your Best chefs, how to attract and retain the best talent"

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