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We think it is about time we treated our chefs better - lets do it together

Putting people skills, leadership and wellbeing at the centre of the eating experience.

In a recent Nestle report "At Boiling Point", for example, almost half of chefs said not enough was being done to support their wellbeing with a whopping 74% saying they had taken time off due to stress.

Restaurateurs are finding they need to offer more than just a job, post Covid Chefs now demand well-being and personal development as part of basic employment. This is no surprise as 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if they were offered opportunities to learn and grow. At The Chef Partnership we have brought together an internationally experienced team with industry experience to help restaurateurs place chef wellbeing at the centre of the eating experience.

The Chef Partnership has chef people skills and wellbeing at our heart. We want to help restaurateurs offer a more complete partnership with their chefs. Helping to make working in the industry as attractive as possible to secure the future of good food and increase retention. We strive to create a better working world for brigades and bring diversity, care and wellbeing to the forefront of the kitchen.

We know happiness and motivation come hand in hand, and by looking after and developing our chefs as people we can ensure the best food, the best brigades and a positive environment to grow

The hospitality industry is one of the industries worst hit by the Covid pandemic. Many promising restaurateurs and chefs have had to find employment elsewhere over the past two years. One positive that you can draw from the pandemic is the attention people are now paying to their own development and wellbeing.

“I really believe we have an opportunity to make a real difference to the industry. By helping chefs and restaurateurs develop their team skills and looking after well-being we can foster a positive place for driven and motivated chefs” Max Brent, Director, The Chef Partnership

In a recent survey by Unite Union more than a quarter of those who answered a survey of professional chefs in London more than 25% were drinking to get through their shift, a figure which doubled to 56% when it came to taking painkillers. A startling 51% said they suffered from depression due to overwork. Operating with a partnership mentality to solve the issues faced in the front lines of the hospitality industry we offer full employee life cycle support solutions, including our 24/7 ‘chef in distress helpline’ which is a multi-lingual chef wellbeing support service, counselling on issues such as financial concerns, stress management, addiction management and more.

We also train mentorship skills to enable great chefs pass their experiences on to the next generation of great chefs. Research shows that a mentor programmes significantly increase retention for both mentees and mentors .

We also help to develop chef brigade team and leadership skills and can offer bespoke solutions for restaurateurs to help them create a great kitchen environment.

If you want to discuss skilling up and investing in your chefs and at the same time improve business success we would love to hear from you.

The Chef Partnership Ltd is a well-being and development company, with its headquarters in Hastings, England. The service portfolio includes a multi- lingual 24/7 chef mental support service as well as courses for restaurateurs and chefs such as Mentoring, stress management, well-being and leadership skills. The Chef Partnership was established in 2021. ###

For more information, visit or contact us at

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