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An offer that places chefs , their well-being and people skills at the centre of the eating experience

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I am a Restaurateur

Let us help you manage your chef employee life cycle. Issues with retention? Leadership challenges? Got a rising star that just needs an extra bit of support? We can help! 


The world is changing; good chefs are hard to find and many are leaving the industry. Chefs expect more from their employers.


To keep and attract the best let us help you offer more than a job, let’s plan to keep and develop your best chefs and take care of their employment life cycle.

Chef people skills and wellbeing at our heart 

At the Chef Partnership we offer a solution that helps employers develop their chefs as people.

This Is not about cooking skills, but about developing chefs as employees, team leaders and business contributors.

Our solution places chefs, their well-being and people skills at the centre of the eating experience. We don’t teach cooking, but we do help you make better chefs and successful kitchens.

Our exclusive support package
Chef Development
  • We offer development tools, programmes, courses and tips and tricks all designed with Chefs in mind

Chefs in Distress
  • Wellbeing solutions, and our "Chefs in Distress" wellbeing assistance programme supported by our partner - Wellbeing Solutions 

Career support to help you attract and retain the best
  • Chef People Skills Development programs

  • Our exclusive ‘Chef Preferential access to our Chef Development Cookery School

  • To develop the teamwork and leadership skills of  your chefs to help you build the right kitchen atmosphere for success (button/ link to Cooking school page) 

Bespoke and exclusive consultancy support
  • Bespoke and exclusive consultancy support for any specific chef brigade challenges that you want to solve in your business

A chance to be part of a community 
  • A chance to be part of a community of employers that show they care about chef wellbeing and the development of people skills in the industry

Become a Chef Buddy 
  • The best way to help to develop the careers of other chefs for the benefit of both the employer and the chef.

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