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Who we are 

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About The Chef Partnership 

Chef people skills & Wellbeing at our heart

The Chef Partnership is a team of internationally experienced HR, mentoring and culinary professionals with chef people skills and wellbeing at our heart.

We offer bespoke training, wellbeing solutions,  24/7 live mental health support, accreditation, mentoring, recruitment support and much more. 


Our aim is to help our partners offer more than a job, to help support, develop and understand the key issues facing Chefs and Restaurateurs in a modern brigade.

Who we are and what we do: 

We would love to hear from you! 


From bespoke consultancy sessions, in-person development cooking lessons, a cooking development school, and our Chef in Distress well-being support solutions we help you plan to keep and develop your best chefs and take care of their employment life cycle. 

Lets see how we can improve your retention, chef happiness and profitability at the same time! 

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