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Team based Cookery Classes

Cooking for Wellbeing

Course duration 2.5 hours
Cost per head £65.00

Our expert coach and people professional will introduce you to some ideas behind wellness and quality of life, with a focus on food for wellness.


Head Chef Rupert Gleadow will lead a foraging session into the Hands of Hope organic garden ( weather permitting) to collect key ingredient’s for a wellness ‘cook up’. Rupert will work with you to ensure you get the most from the days cooking and ingredient’s with a focus on diet, quality of life and wellness.

Sample menu 1:
 Warm salad of local, seasonal vegetables, selection of dressings
 Poached breast of chicken, cassoulet of beans and peas in a herb broth
 Seasonal Fruit salad, mint and black pepper syrup

Cooking Eggs
Team Hugging

Corporate Cookery Day 

Feel good and create food together for great teamwork 

Course duration 5 hours

Working in a kitchen demands team work, working to exacting standards and the ability to work under pressure and in real time. This is a prefect environment to highlight team work and team leadership skills for any business, with the added incentive of delivering your own feast at the end of the session!

Not only is this fun it is also an excellent way to illustrate critical and key teamwork skills in practice.

We can recommend this experience, for example, as a team recognition reward as well as a team building incentive in a fun and unique environment that also helps all those that attend understand more about themselves and their colleagues NB 


Bespoke team building or team leadership focussed course can be devised if required.

Pricing: Generally around £1000 depending on group needs*

* For up to 10 participants and  plus VAT for the day, regardless of number of participants.'*


Cooking for fun & social 

Course duration 3.5 hours
Cost £85.00 per head

Rupert and Caroline will show you how to have fun with food! In this team cooking session participants will work together to source and cook great sharing food in a fun kitchen environment where working together to create great food shows the social side of cooking and food preparation. 

Come prepared to enjoy a half day filled with foraging vegetables from the ‘Hands of Hope’ organic garden ( weather permitting), shared cooking experiences and a menu to share. Please bring a sense of humour and a willingness to share.

Sample menu:
 Wild mushroom and sherry soup, spiced crispy chicken and tarragon oil
 Roast rump of lamb, crushed new potatoes, glazed carrots, greens and pan juices
 Red berry Eton Mess, blackberry coulis

What is it?

Our courses are aimed at teams who need to work better together. It can also be a fun experience for established teams to reinforce the team bonds that bring success.


Our internationally experienced HR professionals outline the aims and objectives of the session, detailing the team leadership and/or team  skills and development objectives of each session.


We wrap up at the end over team prepared food to highlight the lessons learned and takeaways from  the experience.

Sessions can be tailored to specific team needs, or can focus on practised team success skills that we know are key to team success.

Teams will explore the walled garden and select produce to create a team menu under the tutelage of both our HR experts and our internationally acclaimed chef Robert Gledow.


Our experts will guide you through both the team learnings from cooking together and ensure you get the most out of the cooking experiences. 

What do we do?

*Sessions are designed for teams of between 5 and 10 people. More can be accommodated on request.*

Supporting the community

We encourage businesses who book a corporate team building session to donate at least one place to our community cookery programs, such as wellbeing, beating loneliness etc. (more information can be found here)


Community courses range in price from between £65 - £100 per person.  We would welcome the chance to publicise your business as a supporter of our local community. 

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