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Corporate Cookery
Example Day Agenda

Corporate cookery & team building is all about bringing people together, tackling issues as a team and ensuring best practice and bonding time for all team members. Our agenda is set up to maximise fun, increase enjoyment of food & cookery and foster a positive work environment for colleagues & teams. 

Example Agenda 

This is an example agenda as the cookery school is run seasonally - so all elements are subject to weather, seasonal crops etc. Some elements may change & can be adapted based on individual group needs as required. Please enquire for bespoke days we are happy to accommodate! 

15 mins

Introduction to the day and to the tutors, timing and format. 

Ice Breakers
40 mins

Team building. A session to examine key skills that make great teams and a discussion and practical interaction session to illustrate key team building skills necessary for success.

Setting the scene
20 mins

Introduction to the cooking and food gathering tasks that will define the day. With expert support teams will decide how they wish to organize themselves to complete the tasks outlined.

Gathering and foraging
30 mins

A visit to the organic garden to collect produce for the cooking 30.

2 hours

The cooking: Teams will work together in small teams, in larger teams and across to teams to deliver the cooking tasks that have been outlined. Whilst doing these tasks they will experience firsthand the pressure to deliver and perform as at team to create a clearly visible and measurable result. 

& Review

1 hour

Review ; The teams will sample the outcomes of their work during the day by sharing the food they have helped to create. As part of the is exercise tutors will guide attendees through the learnings from the day , including, working under pressure, taking responsibility, listening , collaboration, accountability and pride in team performance.


Total 5 hours
Start 10.30 end 15.30

All participants will be sent their recipes & notes after the session as a thank you & encouragement to keep growing and cooking together! 

*Menus will be seasonal with 3 courses and any dietary concerns will be taken into account. *

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