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Community Cookery

Welcome to the heart of culinary adventure at our vibrant community cookery school! Step into a world where the tantalising aromas of fresh ingredients and sizzling pans fill the air, while the sizzle of excitement creates a buzz among budding chefs of all ages and levels.


Our beautiful garden kitchen set in the picturesque Hands of Hope walled garden is a playground for food lovers, where creativity meets expertise, and culinary dreams come true. Join us on as we celebrate the joy of cooking, forging friendships, and creating delicious memories that will last a lifetime.

Cooking Eggs

Cooking for heathy eating

Course duration 2.5 hours
Cost per head £65.00

Head Chef Rupert Gleadow will take you through the key ‘must knows’ of healthy eating. We showcase the wonderful produce from the Hands of Hope organic garden and put those fabulous ingredients to good use in a colourful showcase of scrumptious healthy eating options. Join us and get healthy whilst having a great chef deliver good advice and ideas for healthy living through the food you eat.

In this 2 hour session you will hear Rupert explain importance of diet and healthy eating, forage in the Hands of Hope organic garden for ingredients to support your healthy eating menu ( weather permitting) and sample the food you have all made with your course mates in a social setting.

Sample menu 1:
 A selection of fresh salads for all diets
 Poached local white fish, fricassee of green vegetables, tomato consommé
 Roasted peaches with fresh orange, crumble topping and crème fraiche

Cooking for Wellbeing

Course duration 2.5 hours
Cost per head £65.00

Our expert coach and people professional will introduce you to some ideas behind wellness and quality of life, with a focus on food for wellness.


Head Chef Rupert Gleadow will lead a foraging session into the Hands of Hope organic garden ( weather permitting) to collect key ingredient’s for a wellness ‘cook up’. Rupert will work with you to ensure you get the most from the days cooking and ingredient’s with a focus on diet, quality of life and wellness.

Sample menu 1:
 Warm salad of local, seasonal vegetables, selection of dressings
 Poached breast of chicken, cassoulet of beans and peas in a herb broth
 Seasonal Fruit salad, mint and black pepper syrup

Bringing the Food
Holiday Cooking

Cooking to impress

Course duration 4 hours
Cost per head £115.00

Michelin experienced Head Chef Rupert Gleadow will work with you to ensure you can cook to impress! Come and enjoy a half day of fine dining food gathering, preparation, cooking and tasting. 

In this session Rupert will explain fine dining principles, guide you in gathering vegetables from the ‘Hands of Hope’ organic garden to support the menu and work with you to create food fit to grace any fine dining experience. Learn some trick soft the fine dining trade and enjoy a magical eating and cooking experience with likeminded foodie enthusiasts.

Sample menu 1 

 Mille feuille of poached and roasted autumn fruits, crème Chantilly and cassis syrup
Fine dining menus reflect seasonality and can for example include some of the following:
To start:
 Grass-fed, Dry-aged English ribeye, bone marrow butter, spring greens with smoked garlic,
Pont Neuf potatoes

To finish:
 Dark chocolate delice, caramelised apricots and mandarin syrup


Special event planned? Got a question? We accept bespoke bookings & would love to hear from you. 

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