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Chef Cooking School - LOOE Cornwall 

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Chef Cooking School - LOOE Cornwall 

Bringing the best out of your Brigades

Access to The Chef Partnership Cookery School is exclusively run for chefs by chefs in beautiful Looe in Cornwall. 

An environment for your chefs to train and be trained, developing their own chef leadership and training skills to benefit both themselves, their career and you and your kitchen.

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Customised Development for your chefs

We use an exclusive but familiar cooking environment of our cookery school with cookery as the medium to learn great teamwork, leadership, and other key skills that are critical to the smooth running of a kitchen and its staff. 

We work with you to see what you think you need to offer your chefs and your business and design the development sessions with you and your chefs in mind. We offer sessions for 10 chefs at a time.  

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Chef Devlopment cooking school 
In looe, Cornwall 

Our Partners get preferential access to our cooking school = Join with us to book a course now!

  • If you are an individual chef

    • we do offer courses with other like-minded chefs

    • you can book these sessions here


Chef Buddies - Mentoring skills

Chef buddies - learn to use mentor skills to bring value to you and your brigade colleagues

As part of your restauranteur partnership membership we welcome members of your chef brigade who have the potential to mentor others in the industry.

The Chef Partnership - level 1 and 2 mentoring skills workshops

  • The difference between mentoring and coaching

  • What your mentee needs from you and what you can offer in return

  • How to create a professional mentoring relationship

  • How to develop your own mentoring style

  • How to create a realistic agenda and objectives for the mentor/mentee relationship

  • How to get the best for your mentee and yourself

  • How to share knowledge effectively

  • The best way to help to develop the careers of other chefs for the benefit of both the employer and the chef.

  • When to ask for help or when to suggest alternative resources for your mentee

  • What mentoring is not

As part of your package you can access one course for each chef for free (excludes any travel and accommodation) and thereafter these courses are £75.00 per chef per day.

We also offer chef brigade development training to individual chef club members at a reduced rate of £100.00 per person on our open courses


The cookery school, which has a capacity of 10 people, is also available to rent for our employer club members at £1000.00 per day (excludes any travel and accommodation) for specific training and development. For more details contact us –on 

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