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Chef people skills
Wellbeing at our heart

Chef people skills
Wellbeing at our heart

Flexible solutions for front & back of house – for Restaurateurs of any size. 

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How do we help you? 

The Chef Partnership is a team of internationally experienced HR, wellbeing, and culinary professionals with Chef people skills and well-being at our heart.

Our aim is to help our partners offer more than a job, retain their best chefs, support and understand the key issues facing Chefs and Restaurateurs in a modern brigade.

We know happiness and motivation come hand in hand, and by looking after and developing our chefs as people we can ensure the best food, the best brigades and a positive environment to grow.

Why Choose Us
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  • We are passionate about food – and the environment its made in

  • Chef well-being – our Employee Assistance Programme 

  • Cookery School & Training – developing personal skills and more

  • Mentor Training & Certification – helping others help themselves

  • Part of a Caring Community – be part of a caring network of like minded individuals

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